BOSS Summer Mastermind Sessions 


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  • 12 Coaching Sessions
  • The BOSS Online Training Course Valued at $1500
  • Sync 50 Online Kingdom Coaching Course Valued at $2000
  • Free Entertainment Is A God Eyedea Book
  • Kingdom Coaching Wheel Within A Wheel Systems
  • How to Monetize your message.
  • Why it's critical for you to take advantage of the information age we live in now!
  • How to write an Amazon #1 Best Seller.
  • What is the importance of living a life asKing to get whatever you want.
  • Where are the best tools online to make your identity brand become a 6 to 7 figure empire.
  • Social Media training the right way.
  • Why community is so important and how to capitalize on being a part of The Remnant Nation community.
  • How to get past the mistakes most people make online and have success selling, marketing and promoting your product.
  • How to launch a coaching business.
  • How to be your own boss make your own schedule and write your own checks.


12 One On One Sessions $2447 Just $1000 Today Only.

Unlock not only the tools and strategy you need to make a fortune online but the mind set that goes with it.

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I've Received So Much, From So Many, I Must Give Back!

Kingdom Coaching Is The Answer

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