What AM I Doing Wrong

awareness Jan 30, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about what am I doing wrong

Today’s episode what am I doing wrong is brought to you by Robert Shemin. In the book how come that idiot’s rich and I’m not, Robert brought to life the inner conversation many people have about the success of others.

Why is that idiot able to turn his or her talents and dreams into a life of wealth while yours are packed away in the back of your closet? The answer is simple.

The things that made that person back then an idiot are the same things making them rich. While you think it’s about hard work sticking to the rules and never coloring outside the lines that person is changing things. 


Position Yourself To Win. 



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How To Be A General Of Intercession

awareness Jan 28, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about How to be a general of Intercession.

Today’s episode How to become a general of intercession is brought to you by Cindy Jacobs. In the book possessing the Gates of the Enemy Cindy asked God the question if Satan is not omnipresent or omniscient how is he so effective in the war over the nations. God said very simply; Strategy.

Cindy realized the enemy has a strategy for every nation and his army does not rest from the battle.

Her aha moment from God’s answer came when she realized when you come to God with a problem God often ask you to be part of the solution.


Position Yourself To Win. 



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How Hubris Makes The Mighty Fall

awareness Jan 26, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about How Hubris Makes The Mighty Fall.

Today’s episode How Hubris makes the Mighty fall is brought to you from the book How The Mighty Fall by Jim Collins.

Jim Collins is Author of the book Good to Great, which is a book about major companies who excel. In this sort of sequel to that book, Jim wrote there are 5 stages of decline for major companies. The first stage is like pride called Hubris born of success.

When companies forget that luck played a part in their success and think they are successful because they do specific things and forget why they do specific things and under what conditions would they no longer work they are headed for a fall.


Position Yourself To Win. 



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How To Connect With People In A Group

awareness Jan 21, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about connecting with people in a group.

Today’s episode connecting with people in a group is brought to you John Maxwell. In the book the 21 Laws of Leadership John writes a Key to connecting with others is recognizing that even in a group, you have to relate to people as individuals.

Speaking in front of crowds as big as 70,000 John says the secret is simple. I don’t try to talk to the thousands. I focus on talking to one person.

That’s the only way to connect with people.


Position Yourself To Win. 

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The Mind And Body

awareness Jan 20, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about the mind and body.

Today’s episode the mind and body is brought to you by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

In the book who switched off my brain, Dr. Leaf proves there is no doubt what and how you think affects your emotional and physical state. Research shows around 87% of illnesses can be attributed to our thought life, and approximately 13% to diet, genetics and environment.

With that in mind I want to point to Philippians 4:8 whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, or good report, if there is any virtue or anything praiseworthy—meditate on the good things.


Position Yourself To Win. 
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Blessings In Diguise

awareness Jan 17, 2021

Today I want to talk to you the blessing in disguise

Today’s episode the blessing in disguise is brought to you by Napoleon Hill.

In the book outwitting the Devil Napoleon has an encounter during the most difficult time in his life with what he called his other self. He found out that the great depression of 1929 was more of a blessing than a curse.

Napolean Hill's perspective was every problem has a legitimate solution. This mindset brought him to this conclusion during a time like now when people everywhere were out of work. Napolean said, "there is something infinitely worse ,than being forced to work, it is, being forced not to work. He wrote, the depression was more of a blessing than a curse in light of the changes it brought.

So how are you perceiving our current pandemic?


Position yourself to win.


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How To Get Your Vision Off The Ground

awareness Jan 15, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about getting your vision off the ground.

Today’s episode getting your vision off the ground is brought to you by T.D. Jakes.

In the book Soar TD Jakes says your vision is like the wind. You can’t really see it as much as you see the effects of it. It has no color, texture of visible shape to it. This is what vision is to you being able to soar.

Like wind moves a 747 off the ground so does the vision you can see on the inside.

He goes on to say flight is possible even for those who are emotionally, financially and creatively fatigued.


Position yourself to win.



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What It Takes To Win

awareness Jan 01, 2021
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3 Easy Steps To Walk Out Your Dreams.

awareness Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get massive results and others don't? Are you frustrated or simply exhausted trying to turn your dreams into a reality? Year after year I see people with false expectation from the wrong information. The sad part is, it's not as difficult to see the vision for your life become a reality as you may think. Well, actually making your dreams come true is one of those things that are easy to do and easy not to do. Allow me to help you with some simple steps you can take today to see the results you desire to see in your life. 

Success Is Not A Magic Trick

While people are trying to find the short cut or easy way you have marketers who mislead those who are looking for the genie in the lamp a presto, or wahla like a magic trick. They promise a wow without work. Listen there is no wow without work and what comes easy usually goes just as easy. Also, the secret to success for just about anything usually can be found in a book...

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3 Simple Steps To Walk Out Your Inheritance


This Is The Year Of Inheritance! 

Well now it's official...Out of the mouth of two witnesses...jo'EL and Bill Hamon LoL...

Let this word be established! 

I’m so glad one of the prophets from my church tagged me to see a post on Facebook with Bill Hamon being interviewed. In this interview Bishop Bill Hamon is declaring what the Lord showed me at the end of 2018 for the year 2019. All I can say is if you haven't seen progress at the speed you want, then don't wait, join the Remnant Now.

Learn more @ The Remnant Nation We are going after and getting our inheritance for 2019. 

When I think back a bit to January of this year I think I heard Bill kind of mention something about inheritance about mid-January at the prophetic conference at Hroc. I can remember getting excited then because I felt like it was conformation to what God showed me. I then began to think well he didn't quite say this was the year of inheritance but he did say we were on the...

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