Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

affections calling help Jan 16, 2019

Everyone Needs Help

I think the most tragic curve ball of life is someone thinking their life is so painful it’s not worth living. The silent scream of an individual who doesn’t ask for help or doesn’t know how to is all too real.

Some feel afraid or shameful about getting help. The truth is, help is something everyone needs at one time or another. The greatest people have all had a mentor, coach or teacher that was able to pour into them and bring the best out of them.

We all need help through times of trouble but here is a life hack for you; Get help before the situation gets overwhelming.

You may have heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...


Get Help Before You Need Help 

That means preventive maintenance is better than having to fix something broken. You know the drill...Go to the dentist for regular cleaning so you don’t get cavities. Get regular maintenance on the car so it doesn’t breakdown on you. Eat well and...

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All of us have footprints on the beaches of life that show us where we have been. You may not like all the places you can see footprints from the past that reveal you were once there, but those history markers don’t have to dictate where you're headed to moving forward.
Our journey is full of surprises both good and bad and all of us have our own path to walk. As the rhythms of life cover our souls like the ocean waters both great and troubled times rise and recede on us all.
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How Are You Navigating Through Life
You can’t escape leaving evidence on the sands of time that you existed because everyone has to walk along the shores of destiny and purpose.
Most people look back at where they’ve been to adjust where they're going. Very few look ahead and try to plan where...
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How To Live In Authenticity

Find Your Authentic Being

Do you struggle to live an authentic life on a regular basis? How often do you walk around knowing the Lion of the tribe of Judah could show up more in your life consistently but can’t seem to find it? Listen most of us would love to say no, but in reality, a huge percentage of people go in and out of living a life far from authentic under the disguise of one of the three V’s of dysfunction.

Ok Ok if we are anything a like you’re shaking your head like pssss I’m crushing it over here. Now don’t move too much and nobody will know I’m talking to you right now.  My friend you can let the guard down because I’ve been there way to many times and it’s only through awareness and willingness to change do we truly live in Authenticity.

So as a gauge as an Authentic person what would you truly do if you did not care what people thought about you? Would you tell everyone you meet about your product or service? Would...

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health mind set ready Oct 24, 2018

During Hollywood Arise I was asked to do an impromptu interview for a Chinese TV station. They wanted my thoughts on the event as a speaker. Thank God I’m in front of a camera  daily.

Here is the take away...

Make Your Breakthrough Intentional

When it comes to your breakthrough sometimes you can’t plan it like someone going into a boxing match or even a movie roll. Usually what happens to get the movie roll was the unexpected meeting or run in with that key person or circumstance that will make all the difference.

So you have to have songs ready, material ready, presentations ready, be dressed for the success you want. Don’t get caught looking like a reject in a public place and you meet the boss of a company you desire to work at LoL. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

So how do you stay ready?

I’m glad you asked. There are actually 4 things I focus on every day to make sure I’m ready. As a coach the analogy...

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You Shall Not Go Empty

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2018

Happy New Years!


You Shall Not Go Empty

We have stepped across the time line into the year 5779. The Jewish calendar says that Rosh Hashanah this year is on September the 10th. I for one, am feeling exuberant about this day in many ways. One because today is my birthday. I’m so honored to turn 50, which is the year of jubilee, on the day that turns the calendar for the Nation that all of the body has been grafted into. As I’m experiencing this convergence of times and seasons the Holy Spirit has poured out on me somethings about this year Ayin Tet that I just have to share with you.

All of the Hebrew letters have pictures and numeric value to them. Many of you know the word Ayin Tet is the number 79 which breaks down into 70+9 to equal 79. The 70 is the word Ayin which means to see. So the whole decade of the 70s is wrapped with the theme to see. Each number that follows draws us deeper into the mystery of revelations the Lord has hidden in the Hebrew language to...

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Don't Waste Your Labor

Do We Work Harder On Someone Else's Dreams Than Our Own

Let's take today to reflect on our labor. There is nothing wrong with working for someone else. However, many people go through life and miss the other part of the equation. I will talk about the missing part in a bit but first lets look and what's taking place when we work for someone else. The biblical principle in operation when we are working for someone else is called stewardship. Take a look a Luke 16:12.

Luke 16:12 And if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's who shall give you that which is your own?

The truth is that God will not give us our calling until we know how to be good stewards. Notice that I said calling. The reason I said calling is because you can step into doing the activities of your calling and not be in your calling. You can do this because of your gifts because your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great people but only God can give you access to your calling....

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Position Yourself To Win

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2017

Position is key! When I was in wrestling in high school I remember how important it was in the second period when we started from the floor in the referee’s position to have the top offensive position. Even though you need to be able to maneuver either the top for me was a huge advantage as it positioned me to win.

In life we need to be in the right position to win. In our home, jobs and aspirations sometimes we miss out because when opportunity arrives we are not in position to succeed. For an example, most rich people make their fortunes not when the economy is good, but when it is bad. When the housing market crashed if you had money saved and your credit was in good standing to purchase a house or houses. A lot of times we look at people who are well off and say they are lucky however luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

My friends if position is key, then actions are the hand that turns the key. Millionaires take action. Opportunities are like sunrises -- if you...

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Hero Among Heroes

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2016


As I was on my way to visit family about an hour away, I took the time to call other family members. I called my little brother who answered the phone right in the middle of telling someone in the room he had saved a lady from being mugged. I was like wow you’re like a hero.

After I hung up I called my older brother and his wife answered his cell phone. After I clarified that I called the right number, she said he was not home because a house caught on fire and he ran down the street to help. I thought wow, I got two hero brothers. I need to find a disaster somewhere so I can join the crew!

LoL…Well the truth is I am part of the super heroes. Ya see on this day when many celebrate Christmas let’s remember the reason for the season. God came to earth to reclaim the Kingdom of God. God came as the man Jesus Christ.

He healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out Devils. As a real life super hero he walked on water and multiplied a two piece fish dinner to...

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