3 Easy Steps To Walk Out Your Dreams.

awareness Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get massive results and others don't? Are you frustrated or simply exhausted trying to turn your dreams into a reality? Year after year I see people with false expectation from the wrong information. The sad part is, it's not as difficult to see the vision for your life become a reality as you may think. Well, actually making your dreams come true is one of those things that are easy to do and easy not to do. Allow me to help you with some simple steps you can take today to see the results you desire to see in your life. 

Success Is Not A Magic Trick

While people are trying to find the short cut or easy way you have marketers who mislead those who are looking for the genie in the lamp a presto, or wahla like a magic trick. They promise a wow without work. Listen there is no wow without work and what comes easy usually goes just as easy. Also, the secret to success for just about anything usually can be found in a book...

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How To Live Like You Matter

calling Oct 12, 2020

Many people are so busy cheering for the success of others they forget to celebrate their own accomplishments.

You have a unique set of gifts and talents. If you “BeLive” (in other words wake up and acknowledge your greatness) they will take you to places you never thought you would go.

It's Time To Get Passionate About "You"

Living vicariously through others is not the best. It’s not the Lords plan for your life because He fully planned for you to manifest the promises He preordained for you to enjoy. It’s time to get as passionate about your success as you may be about your favorite sports team or watching your favorite speaker.

Nothing is more interesting to me than how excited people get to see others do their thing. People will wait in line for hours to see their favorite singer in a concert but watching a 60 min video about their own calling is too long. They will go tailgate hours before a game, binge watch movies on Netflix all night and other forms...

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calling Sep 28, 2020

Are you doing what makes money but not what you want to do?

Recently I was reading a blog about how to find your calling and one of the comments I seen are a common challenge people have when it comes to walking out their calling. There was a lady that worked in the medical profession for 30 years but really wanted to take care of animals.

Someone answered with the standard statement of if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. This was followed up by if you get to that place you've probably found your calling. 

You Calling Is More Than What You Love

The challenge with a statement such as if you do what you love, you've found your calling, is, everything you do in your calling may not be fun or what you love. You can love providing people with a product, love to design it and love to develop it, but hate to sell it. You may love to think of the idea, love to sell it, but hate to build and develop it. I played football but running and push...

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Uncategorized Sep 20, 2020

Put Them In Your Rear View


I've been noticing a theme lately It's a cry for justice! But not only that, people everywhere want their voice to be heard. I think that is very significant especially during this decade of Pey. In the Jewish calendar Pey primarily means the mouth and wisdom. 

Well here's what I mean.

I seen a group of people walking in Target yelling take off the mask.. And Of course we have BLM protest still going on...

No doubt there is a public cry to be heard but something even more interesting is happening. There also is a private cry to be heard. Oh Yes!!! I love it! God created you to be heard but there is something evolving during the grace for the mouth and wisdom that I've seen arising over and over again. It's not that people can't find their voice. It's the people they are wasting it on keep misplacing it. 

I titled this article put them in your rear view but it's more about you using your voice to change your life and the people...

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7 Ways To Praise


We wanted to kick off the 21 Day Challenge with the 7 main ways to praise the Lord. Incorporate them into the 21 Days so that by the time we reach the end you will be a praise ninja. 

Let the walls come down and the increase go up! 


Exodus 15:2 The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.


Position Yourself To Win 


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It’s All In Your Business

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019

Let’s Get Down To Business

Everyone has business to do whether you are called to the business mountain or not. In Luke 19:13 where Jesus is giving the parable about the minas, He says to do business until I come. The KjV says occupy till I come.

If we back up a bit in the story we can see the purpose behind the parable. Jesus gave this parable in response to the people thinking the Kingdom would come immediately because He said He came to save that which was lost. This parable is a key to understanding your calling.

If you feel stuck or just want to accelerate your results go to https://www.arise22.com/remnant-nation

Jesus said do business which means to be occupied with doing something. To get right down to business, the revelation here is that you should be occupied with your calling which is your job in the Kingdom which is every believers business.



Your Calling is your business.


That's right! The business you have been called to run in your...

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Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

 Youtube Is Under The Gun


 The Google-Owned video platform which has 1.8 billion daily users, is defending its company’s efforts to cleanse YouTube of those who have broken policy amid hate speech controversies. YouTube claims that it is a societal problem and I would have to agree. However, is what we see on the surface really what the underline narrative is?

When it comes to media, Youtube is one of the giants with over 500 hours of content uploaded every single minute. Social media influencers have made their home and fortune using Youtube as a platform for their bran. At face value Youtube is trying to eliminate hate speech by removing millions of videos that violate it policies, but is this a step to a bigger mission?

The company over the last few years have been scrubbing the site of hate filled content and conspiracy theory videos as protesters and lawmakers have been bellowing the company is a breeding ground for white supremacy and other forms of...

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Uncategorized Jun 09, 2019

Nun Says Katy Perry Has bloody Hands


 Sister Rita Callanan has endured a year from hell battling Katy Perry in court over her order’s Los Angeles convent —On March 9, 2018, Sister Callanan’s 89 year old best friend died in a Los Angeles court. Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed in the courtroom crying out her last words: “Katy Perry. Please stop.” Perry bought the convent in 2015, from the Los Angeles archdiocese, for 14.5 million. The nuns say in 2015 they legally sold the 30,000 square foot Spanish-Gothic home to Dana Hollister. However, in 2016, a judge declared the nun’s sale invalid and awarded Perry and archdiocese damages totaling more than $15 million. 


Herodias Plot Is In Full Effect 


It’s not a surprise to me that the property was awarded to Katy Perry. The Government Mountain and Entertainment Mountain have been in partnership since Herodias had her daughter dance for Herod. ...

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Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019
We Must Move As One...
I was just having some fun with this pic of Lance yesterday and then it dawned on me. Lance and I connected in 2015 I believe at his first ever live event in which he said he would write the forward to my book Entertainment is a God Eyedea. ( www.hiseyedea.com ). Praise God I wrote it and he kept his word and wrote the forward to it along with Shawn Bolz. I bringing that up because from that point Lance and I have had a few good talks about transformation.  In one conversation with Lance we discussed a strategy that God had shown both of us to bring transformation to our world .
It's Time To Push 
I had been praying since 2010 for a pattern that would sustain what the Lord showed me and after my talks with Lance knowing I wasn't alone I persisted to pray about what the Spirit revealed. I excited to say after 9 years of seeking the wisdom of the Lord and walking it out step by step we have finally birthed the dream! I...
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3 Simple Steps To Walk Out Your Inheritance


This Is The Year Of Inheritance! 

Well now it's official...Out of the mouth of two witnesses...jo'EL and Bill Hamon LoL...

Let this word be established! 

I’m so glad one of the prophets from my church tagged me to see a post on Facebook with Bill Hamon being interviewed. In this interview Bishop Bill Hamon is declaring what the Lord showed me at the end of 2018 for the year 2019. All I can say is if you haven't seen progress at the speed you want, then don't wait, join the Remnant Now.

Learn more @ The Remnant Nation We are going after and getting our inheritance for 2019. 

When I think back a bit to January of this year I think I heard Bill kind of mention something about inheritance about mid-January at the prophetic conference at Hroc. I can remember getting excited then because I felt like it was conformation to what God showed me. I then began to think well he didn't quite say this was the year of inheritance but he did say we were on the...

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