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 Youtube Is Under The Gun


 The Google-Owned video platform which has 1.8 billion daily users, is defending its company’s efforts to cleanse YouTube of those who have broken policy amid hate speech controversies. YouTube claims that it is a societal problem and I would have to agree. However, is what we see on the surface really what the underline narrative is?

When it comes to media, Youtube is one of the giants with over 500 hours of content uploaded every single minute. Social media influencers have made their home and fortune using Youtube as a platform for their bran. At face value Youtube is trying to eliminate hate speech by removing millions of videos that violate it policies, but is this a step to a bigger mission?

The company over the last few years have been scrubbing the site of hate filled content and conspiracy theory videos as protesters and lawmakers have been bellowing the company is a breeding ground for white supremacy and other forms of discrimination.



Sound The Alarm


Let me point out here what I feel is the obvious. In my opinion, the statement other forms of discrimination sounds the alarm for censorship of not only hate speech but any kind of speech that is not tolerant of much more than just a difference of race. For now the crackdown is focused on white supremacist and conspiracies. At the same time those with a Christian world view like Alex Jones have been banned as well. Youtube may be able to justify kicking Alex Jones off the platform because his promotion of a Sandy Hoax conspiracy theory among others. At the same time, other Christian influencers have been suspicious of being put at the bottom of the advertising totem pole because of having a biblical world view.

All of this means the need to raise up leaders in the media mountain is more crucial than ever. The plot to turn the truth into a lie is in full motion. 2 Tim 4:3-4 says the time will come when they heap up teachers for themselves. In this information social media age we live in teachers are heaping up everywhere in the form of online courses. Scripture also says that they will turn away from the truth as we can see happening at an alarming rate. 


We Have The Solution


In these days we see an attempt to call what God says hate speech when it goes against what is being made by mainstream media.  The solution is for believers to be watchful, endure afflictions and do the work of an evangelist. An Evangelist is a herald which is the same name for old school news papers. The original media was by journalist crying out the truth and bringing it to the media. My cry is for the church to take advantage of the times we live in be the heralds of today and not be last to catch the wave of opportunity. Those called to the media mountain must us is as a tool to gain influence and use social media to advance the Kingdom.

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