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Put Them In Your Rear View


I've been noticing a theme lately It's a cry for justice! But not only that, people everywhere want their voice to be heard. I think that is very significant especially during this decade of Pey. In the Jewish calendar Pey primarily means the mouth and wisdom. 

Well here's what I mean.

I seen a group of people walking in Target yelling take off the mask.. And Of course we have BLM protest still going on...

No doubt there is a public cry to be heard but something even more interesting is happening. There also is a private cry to be heard. Oh Yes!!! I love it! God created you to be heard but there is something evolving during the grace for the mouth and wisdom that I've seen arising over and over again. It's not that people can't find their voice. It's the people they are wasting it on keep misplacing it. 

I titled this article put them in your rear view but it's more about you using your voice to change your life and the people around you. 

And like I said...

When people aren't being heard it's not always because they aren't talking. Let's dive in and see what could be holding you up. 


 Some People Hear But Don’t Listen

At any given time is our life, the people in our lives can be in disagreement or rebellion to what we have to say or they are argumentative or seem to have to compete with what we say a lot of the time. Sometimes people may even act like they don’t care what you have to say. Usually, these are the people closest to us but the good news is they do hear our voice. They're hearing your voice but they could be tired, distracted, or have other emotional ingredients temporarily blocking the communication process. Even though they hear you they aren't engaging their mind to understand you and form a plan to move forward with a favorable action plan. 

With this group of people, usually those who are most comfortable with you, you have to plan the right times and atmosphere to talk. Try a restaurant or walk on the beach a hike or something different to break the familiar. Schedule a time in advance that their will not be distractions so you can really connect heart to heart. 

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Now that we looked at the people who hear but don't always want to listen, let's take a look at the second type of people. 


Some People Listen But Don’t Hear

In the Bible when Hannah was praying scripture says Eli seen her lips move but her voice was not heard.

1 Samuel 1:12-13 And it happened, as she continued praying before the Lord, that Eli watched her mouth. Now Hannah spoke in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard. Therefore Eli thought she was drunk.

 In the scripture Eli thought Hannah was drunk. He couldn't hear what was coming out of her heart but the Lord did. Many times it's not that we have to find our voice it's that we are talking to the wrong people or the wrong person. Selah! 

You could be saying the same thing to the same people for years and then all of a sudden when you say it to a new group of people it's like BAM! You're an overnight success. 

You see, what Hannah was saying that made Eli think she was drunk was a prayer the Lord heard loud and clear to give her a son. God hears what others can't hear and sees what others can't see.  Never mind the people who think you're drunk, in other words crazy, because you talk to God. Press into the promises of God that are all yes and Amen! You know where your voice is it may be that the other people don't. Don't get discouraged when people give you time to speak and listen but they just don't get it. Find a different way to communicate the same thing. Remember there are 7 different ways that people process thoughts. I call it your G.I.F.T.S

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You're Not Called To Reach Everybody

Like Eli, when people listen to you but don’t hear you, they may be connecting on a head level but never hear the matters of your heart. They will never hear your voice which is the essence of your being. Eli seen her mouth move but didn’t connect at a heart level to hear her voice. When you get around people that don't hear your voice just know they could be people you're not called to reach. They could be only in your life for a specific reason. 

In Hannah's case. Eli was there only to pronounce the confirmation of her prayer request to the Lord. From there Hannah went on have not only one child but multiple children. The lesson here is don't get stuck waiting for approval when you're saying what the Lord put in your heart and people aren't hearing you. 

When people repeatedly don’t hear you say bye bye and...

Put them in your rear view.

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Here are three steps you can take right away to find your voice.

1. Get really clear about the message God put inside you. It's Your Voice!

2. Find your people. The voice God gave you is for such a time as this and for your specific tribe. 

3. Serve people at a level that makes you great and your voice will emerge and stand out from the crowd. Those who serve have something to say.


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