All of us have footprints on the beaches of life that show us where we have been. You may not like all the places you can see footprints from the past that reveal you were once there, but those history markers don’t have to dictate where you're headed to moving forward.
Our journey is full of surprises both good and bad and all of us have our own path to walk. As the rhythms of life cover our souls like the ocean waters both great and troubled times rise and recede on us all.
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How Are You Navigating Through Life
You can’t escape leaving evidence on the sands of time that you existed because everyone has to walk along the shores of destiny and purpose.
Most people look back at where they’ve been to adjust where they're going. Very few look ahead and try to plan where they want to go and even when we do try to look ahead we are trying to calculate the unpredictable tides of testing and tribulation.
 Looking back and planning ahead both serve us in a small but effective way if you plan ahead or reflect the right way. However, the way to hack into an extraordinary walk where there are two people walking that leave one set of footprints is to find your calling.
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Get On The Right Path
When you find your calling you actually get to see the footprints 👣 you've already left in a realm where the creator of the universe has already created the best pathway for you to travel on. This pathway is the way you were uniquely designed to walk, where the Spirit is carrying you.  The path of your calling is where two people leave one set of prints.
On this beach, no matter how far up the waters go or how hard they crash against your will to succeed there is a force as a matter fact it’s a “calling” giving you the coordinates you need to keep going.
I'm Here To Help You
I've been studying and learning how to master the art of finding your calling for over two decades now. Thanks to revelation from the Spirit I've been able to put what I've learned into an easy system for you to uncover your calling and implement steps to walk it out. You don't have to figure it out by yourself and you definitely don't have to walk it out alone. Connect with me and get started today! 
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