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We Must Move As One...
I was just having some fun with this pic of Lance yesterday and then it dawned on me. Lance and I connected in 2015 I believe at his first ever live event in which he said he would write the forward to my book Entertainment is a God Eyedea. ( ). Praise God I wrote it and he kept his word and wrote the forward to it along with Shawn Bolz. I bringing that up because from that point Lance and I have had a few good talks about transformation.  In one conversation with Lance we discussed a strategy that God had shown both of us to bring transformation to our world 🌎.
It's Time To Push 
I had been praying since 2010 for a pattern that would sustain what the Lord showed me and after my talks with Lance knowing I wasn't alone I persisted to pray about what the Spirit revealed. I excited to say after 9 years of seeking the wisdom of the Lord and walking it out step by step we have finally birthed the dream! I don't believe it's an accident that our church is in it's 9th year in 2019 in the Jewish year of 5779 and 9 is the number of birthing.
This is the year of inheritance!  You can read this article  for more info on that subject but just know it's time to start pushing to birth some of the promises you having been believing God for. 
The Plan Is In Motion
On June 2nd through His House, Arise22 and The Remnant Nation rolled out the plan to have worldwide 7 Mountain Growth Groups. The impact of these Growth Groups through test groups had already been experienced by many and lives are changing. This isn't the format for me to go into the details but the growth groups follow a  simple pattern and it works. 
I've discovered that the secret sauce of the Kingdom and a living a life of fulfillment is in one word.....UNITY! Unity is the secret ingredient that produces the bond of peace in any relationship that you have and relationships are vitally important to the convergence of your calling. Unity produces peace which creates delightful healthy relationships. 
Relationships are the key
However, not just any relationship. I’m talking about being able to Mastermind with a small group or micro church of your peers who have the same 7m calling you do.
The power of the early church in Acts was seen through breaking bread from house to house and in the temple daily. In order for reformation which means to re-form we must re by going back to the past. However, In order for the church to stay relevant we must form by moving creatively into what is coming next. In other words...
Yes...You Got It! A Jamie Fox like movement is Arising where we go back to the past to pick up the prophetic words in the future for an Isaiah 60 rising of The Remnant!
The set time to favor Zion is now! You’re part of the plan born for such a time as this. If you are willing you can live a life beyond what you can think or imagine. But there is a qualifying action...
For us to experience the goodness of God in the land of the living we must get into a place of unity. Also, in order to walk out your unique calling you must find your people, your tribe, your climbing companions.
Arise22 is the bridge to connect people with their tribe and impart what I call Kingdom Coaching to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. If you feel the clarion call to occupy till he comes Arise22 is for you.
If you’re tired of the shenanigans from religious leaders who only talk the talk or secular social influencers without a Kingdom perspective or biblical world view, you’ve found your tribe.
The Romans 11:4,5 age of The Remnant has begun! . No More Lone Rangers! As Lance says it’s time to move...
For starters, join us on the Arise22 FB Page by clicking on the link below...then like follow and share.



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