It’s All In Your Business

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019

Let’s Get Down To Business

Everyone has business to do whether you are called to the business mountain or not. In Luke 19:13 where Jesus is giving the parable about the minas, He says to do business until I come. The KjV says occupy till I come.

If we back up a bit in the story we can see the purpose behind the parable. Jesus gave this parable in response to the people thinking the Kingdom would come immediately because He said He came to save that which was lost. This parable is a key to understanding your calling.

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Jesus said do business which means to be occupied with doing something. To get right down to business, the revelation here is that you should be occupied with your calling which is your job in the Kingdom which is every believers business.



Your Calling is your business.


That's right! The business you have been called to run in your Fathers company is your calling. In your calling you have been given the power to get wealth so you can bring profit to the Kingdom and I'm talking profit like increase not Prophet like foretelling something. Let's follow the parable because Jesus gave the parable of the minas slightly different than the parable about the talents in Matthew 25 by using minas instead of talents.

In Luke everyone got the same amount of minas but in Matthew people got a different amount according to there ability. What Christ is saying to us is that everyones Calling in the Kingdom has equal weight no matter if it’s a Heart Surgeon or a Preschool teacher. A factory worker or an Astronaut have been given equal weight in the Kingdom and everyone has a requirement to do Kingdom business and be profitable at it.

Mind Your Own Business

If you read the whole parable about the minas you will see that the Master came back to see what each person did with what they were given. This is vitally important for us to understand. You will not be rewarded in heaven by what someone else did with their call. You have a business to run in the Kingdom and our business partner Christ is expecting a good return for what He paid for.

If you mind you own business, in other words work on you own calling, God will pour into you the revelation, wisdom understanding and knowledge you need to succeed.

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God gave you weight that’s valuable and told you to occupy. The weight is influence that you are supposed to increase causing you to occupy territory in the mountain ⛰ you were called to.

Here are three steps you can take right away to start doing Kingdom business.

1. Discover what you are called to do so that you do business or occupy the place you have been called to occupy.

2. Master the skills you need to bring increase that takes you from 10 minas to 20. God wants you to rule over cities.

3. Leave all fear behind. Make sure you don’t bury what God gave you because you are afraid of failure or success.


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