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Are you doing what makes money but not what you want to do?

Recently I was reading a blog about how to find your calling and one of the comments I seen are a common challenge people have when it comes to walking out their calling. There was a lady that worked in the medical profession for 30 years but really wanted to take care of animals.

Someone answered with the standard statement of if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. This was followed up by if you get to that place you've probably found your calling. 

You Calling Is More Than What You Love

The challenge with a statement such as if you do what you love, you've found your calling, is, everything you do in your calling may not be fun or what you love. You can love providing people with a product, love to design it and love to develop it, but hate to sell it. You may love to think of the idea, love to sell it, but hate to build and develop it. I played football but running and push ups ect. was not what I loved. The game is what I loved! So if we practiced 3 days a week for 3 hours and played for like 2 hours max, I'm doing what I don't like 3 times more than what I love. 

If the myth of doing what you love is your calling has kept you stuck because you've been trying to figure out your purpose and calling in life, I want to free you from that huge misconception.  I go more in depth with this in my membership Remnant Nation but I wanted to point out the conversation this lady had with others.

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The conversations in the comments also showed a very key mistake when it comes to finding your calling that I thought would help you or someone you know. That key mistake is she thought her job was her calling. 

If you don't read anymore of this blog take this liberating thought with you. Your calling is far bigger than your title at work or job description. Let me explain...

You Job Is Not Your Calling

Let's follow a train of thought so you can get the picture of what I'm about to say. Let's say a lady plays professional basketball for the WNBA. She is making great money and feels like she has found her calling. Then after 4 years she goes up for a lay up and comes down wrong and tears her ACL. And just like that her career as a basketball player is over. 

We see this happen many times in different ways. Someone was in the military for 25 years gets out and now feels like they don't have no purpose because they seen their  job as their calling. Now what do you do? 

Here's the truth...

Your Job Is Your Assignment

When you choose your job let's be honest. Sometimes it's mainly based on the income so you can live the quality of life you want to. Whether or not you chose your job for the income doesn't matter because your job is only your assignment and it may change over and over. However, with that said unlike your assignments you only have one calling. 

Let's look at the scripture...

1 Corinthians 7:20 Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.

Did you catch that? Everyone is to remain in the same calling they have a calling for. Most people who teach calling get it wrong which causes people to get mislead, stuck or exhausted because they are pursing the gift, the talent or even worse the skills they have developed to work in a career. When people have there self worth in a job they can lose, or even a career they can no longer do because of physical limitations or technology a problem is waiting to happen. Placing your calling in a job or career you can lose are the ingredients for things like mid life crises, depression all the way to suicide because people feel stripped of their identity and suddenly feel worthless. 

In the comments I was reading, this lady felt stuck because of that reason. She wanted to help animals but felt like she was trapped in her 30 year career as a doctor that she did not love. She felt like she would be letting God down if she changed because every time she wanted to switch her attention would go back to her medical career and she thought it was God doing it. 

Here's a solution for her and maybe for you or someone you know...

Your calling is more about people than profession. I do a lot of training on this subject because it's complex to decode but once you understand the code it's simple. So looking at the lady with the problem all she has to do is understand there are millions of people who love to help animals. Her calling is not to help animals it's to all the people who love to help animals. 

With the revelation of your calling is people not profession she can do one of two things; She can stay where she's at and help animals and the people who love to help animals knowing her job is not her calling. Also, she can quit her present job knowing she will not be letting God down do to the fact her job is not her calling. 

Here are 3 things you can do right away if you are working at a job that is not your passion. 

1. Find Your People 

When you find your people you find your calling. The next thing you need to know is, what's your purpose...Because calling and purpose are different. 

2. Find Their Problem

Your calling is to serve a particular group of people with the objective to reach mastery. Reaching mastery requires the wisdom to solve the issues your people occur on a daily basis. 

3. Find Your Solution 

You have been given a unique solution to the problem your people are facing. This is your unstoppable promise. it's your gift that nobody else has and when you put that into a framework the possibilities are endless.  


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