How To Make An Offer To A Vito

awareness Feb 25, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about How to make an offer to a V.ITO.

Today’s episode how to make an offer to a V.I.T.O is brought to you by David Mattson and Anthony Parinello. In the book 5 minutes with VITO a very powerful statement was made that I had to point out.

First, let me say VITO means Very Important Top Officer like CEO or CFO. So, What I underlined was a check list of things to be aware of when approaching a Vito. The writers asked were you street smart?

Did you use simple easy to understand explanations over book learning? This is important. In all of my dealings with CEO’s of investment companies, Marketing Firms and Apostles of churches keeping it simple always works wonders.


Position yourself to win.