Hero Among Heroes

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2016


As I was on my way to visit family about an hour away, I took the time to call other family members. I called my little brother who answered the phone right in the middle of telling someone in the room he had saved a lady from being mugged. I was like wow you’re like a hero.

After I hung up I called my older brother and his wife answered his cell phone. After I clarified that I called the right number, she said he was not home because a house caught on fire and he ran down the street to help. I thought wow, I got two hero brothers. I need to find a disaster somewhere so I can join the crew!

LoL…Well the truth is I am part of the super heroes. Ya see on this day when many celebrate Christmas let’s remember the reason for the season. God came to earth to reclaim the Kingdom of God. God came as the man Jesus Christ.

He healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out Devils. As a real life super hero he walked on water and multiplied a two piece fish dinner to feed thousands. But wait there’s more…

Jesus died so that not only would he be a super hero and defender of justice he died so that through his Spirit we could also be super heroes. That’s right my friend in the power of the Holy Ghost we can do greater works than even Jesus did.

If you’re not walking out your full power grab your cape, belt, boots, gloves and weapons. In other words get your bible and let’s go.

There are people who need to be saved, cites that need protection, a nation and world that is being harassed by the forces of evil. It’s time for the sons of God to manifest the Glory of God and the Heroes of the Faith to come forward. It’s time for justice to be served as we join forces with the Hero among Heroes.