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Nun Says Katy Perry Has bloody Hands


 Sister Rita Callanan has endured a year from hell battling Katy Perry in court over her order’s Los Angeles convent —On March 9, 2018, Sister Callanan’s 89 year old best friend died in a Los Angeles court. Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed in the courtroom crying out her last words: “Katy Perry. Please stop.” Perry bought the convent in 2015, from the Los Angeles archdiocese, for 14.5 million. The nuns say in 2015 they legally sold the 30,000 square foot Spanish-Gothic home to Dana Hollister. However, in 2016, a judge declared the nun’s sale invalid and awarded Perry and archdiocese damages totaling more than $15 million. 


Herodias Plot Is In Full Effect 


It’s not a surprise to me that the property was awarded to Katy Perry. The Government Mountain and Entertainment Mountain have been in partnership since Herodias had her daughter dance for Herod. Entertainers and Politicians have been combining the power of politics with the influence entertainment to take the head off those leading the charge in the kingdom. In this case with the Sisters fighting Katy Perry in court the judge moved them out of house and home. The battle is over territory and the war is intensifying. The enemy is a thief but fear not…we are told when he is found he will have to empty his house and repay back 7 fold what he stole. To learn more about Herodias Plot and how to take back what was illegally taken from you go to

 Don’t Give The devil No Place 


It’s time for the church to stand its ground! Don’t give up territory relationally, financially, physically, emotionally and in any other arena of your life. In Luke 19:13 we’ve been charged by the Lord to occupy until He returns. If you stand your ground and resist the devil he will flee. Scripture says all authority has been given to you which means he has none. You may have been through the fire and through the flood but if you don’t move Christ will bring you into a wealthy place Psalms 66:12.


Here are 3 easy ways to give the devil no place 

1. Keep your mind fixed on Christ (Isaiah 26:3)

  • The first territory you have to occupy is the place between your ears. If you focus on Christ then the enemy will have no entrance into your mind where your world is formed. n

2. Don't let your emotions move you (Acts 20:24)

  • The trials and challenges of life are designed to get you emotionally of course. Emotion is energy in motion and if you allow the problems to cause you to go in motion away from God you will give place to the devil. As the saying goes, don't make a permanent decision over a temporary situation.  

3. Stand (Eph 6:14

  • This may sound like a cliche but if you just stand then devil has no right to kick you off what rightfully belongs to you. Take courage; You Win! 


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PS The property went back on the market for $20 Million and Katy Perry is reported to not want it. SMH 


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