Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

affections calling help Jan 16, 2019

Everyone Needs Help

I think the most tragic curve ball of life is someone thinking their life is so painful it’s not worth living. The silent scream of an individual who doesn’t ask for help or doesn’t know how to is all too real.

Some feel afraid or shameful about getting help. The truth is, help is something everyone needs at one time or another. The greatest people have all had a mentor, coach or teacher that was able to pour into them and bring the best out of them.

We all need help through times of trouble but here is a life hack for you; Get help before the situation gets overwhelming.

You may have heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...


Get Help Before You Need Help 

That means preventive maintenance is better than having to fix something broken. You know the drill...Go to the dentist for regular cleaning so you don’t get cavities. Get regular maintenance on the car so it doesn’t breakdown on you. Eat well and exercise early in life and regularly so you don’t have to get an operation later.

The challenge is, its expensive to do preventive maintenance or care regularly. To eat healthy cost a lot more than the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant. However, the quick and easy in the long run will always cost you more. Major dental work, or operation or new engine can literally tilt the machine and bust the bank all the way up to burying you.

So what’s the best way....

Well, thank God success leaves clues...


Get Ongoing Help 

Most successful people have professionals who help them on retainer. Extraordinary achievers create their world of achievement by surrounding themselves with individuals who can constantly help them.

To dodge the arrows of life, these high performers circle their wagons of defense with Insurance agents, Doctors, Realtors, Investment Brokers, Fitness coaches, Cooks ect.

All of those professionals are valid and needed, but my message to you today is this; make sure you don’t forget the most important professional for your life.  Someone who can help you with what matters for eternity: 


When you get to Heaven you won’t be judged on insurance or your investments or anything else that helps us have a better quality of life here on this earth. You will be judged and rewarded on what you did with your calling.


Heaven is keeping record of what you do with the gifts, talents and abilities you were blessed with. So this year don’t let pride stop you from getting the help you need in any area of life and whatever you do please don’t let fear be what separates you from the amazing life you were created to live.


If suicide has even crossed your mind, please connect with me. We can talk for free. No one needs to go though the pressure alone. I’m here to help you!


Let's Recap The Three Simple Steps To Major Results

1. Realize Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

2. Get Help Before You Need Help

3. Get Ongoing Help 


A very simple way to get help with your calling is to join the Remnant Nation. It's easy, affordable, and fun. Go here for more info The Remnant Nation


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