Don't Waste Your Labor

Do We Work Harder On Someone Else's Dreams Than Our Own

Let's take today to reflect on our labor. There is nothing wrong with working for someone else. However, many people go through life and miss the other part of the equation. I will talk about the missing part in a bit but first lets look and what's taking place when we work for someone else. The biblical principle in operation when we are working for someone else is called stewardship. Take a look a Luke 16:12.

Luke 16:12 And if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's who shall give you that which is your own?

The truth is that God will not give us our calling until we know how to be good stewards. Notice that I said calling. The reason I said calling is because you can step into doing the activities of your calling and not be in your calling. You can do this because of your gifts because your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great people but only God can give you access to your calling. Doing the activities does not activate or accomplish your assignment when your operating outside of the Kingdom.

The proper way to access your assignment as given by the word of God, which is the Kingdom guide lines, is through serving someone else first and then stepping into you own. The servant is the greatest of all and God wants you to be great in what you do so that you can occupy the 7M calling that He uniquely designed you for. Working for someone else is healthy and will teach you how to submit, how to follow instructions, how to humble yourself, and how to obey orders. I know, I know, these are not things that are popular today but Gods ways never change and they are always the best. The other things that happens when you work for someone else is that you learn how to operate a business and have time to develop the necessary skill needed to stay open in business for the long haul. I believe the lack of stewardship is the reason that over 90% of the business that open fail in the first 10 years and over 50% in the first 5 years. You don't have to fall in that category if you learn how to be a good steward of the persons business you are employed by.

The Key To Good Stewardship Is Ownership

The way you become a good steward is to simply take ownership. In other words, act like it's yours. If people acted like the company was theirs and they had to pay for the tools and computers and the unimportant supplies like pens that get took home and lost, there would be a different attitude about it. There would be a different attitude about being late if you had to pay people who aren't there for the first 5 minutes of everyday and don't get started working until about 30 minutes after arriving. That's 2.5 hours a week and if you have 30 people doing that it's 75 hours in one week. 75 hours times $20 dollars and hour is $1,500 dollars a week which is $6,000 a month which is $72,000 a year. That is an amazing salary for one hard working person or a decent salary for 2 people. My point here is that owners think about these types of things and so do good stewards.

But Wait There's More

The reason I wrote this blog was not to leave you working for someone else forever if that's not your dream. The reason I wrote this blog was to say hey, being a good steward was only part of the equation. The other part of Luke 16 was the receiving of your own. This is why I created this post in Facebook. I wanted to stir you up to go after your dreams with no excuses. If you're going to work don't do it halfway and never get to the point of being a good steward so that God can give you what's truly in you heart to do. Some people spend their whole life waiting for the breakthrough not knowing the breakthrough is in their stewardship and they aren't cutting the mustard. You can work hard for 40 years for others or work smart or with the wisdom of the word and get promoted into your calling and purpose in the time appointed by the father. You were designed to be a good steward for someone else and then be giving your own. Don't neglect the given your own part. The world needs business men and women full of the Holy Spirit to take ownership of their craft and rise to the tops of the 7 mountains so that we can bring reformation to the places we have been called to posses. Make sure that you're not working harder on someone else's dreams and putting off your own because of fear or disobedience. Step into what the Lord has for you! You are well able to overcome any obstacle in front of you.

God Will Not Overlook Your Labor Of Love

When you do what you do because you love it, your labors of love will not get overlooked by God. He will reward you richly for being a good steward. Lastly, you have a responsibility to not only steward the job God gave you for someone else but also being a good steward of the calling God gave you. I'm here to help you step into your calling and walk it out. It takes counsel and coaching and accountability to speed up the process and some time just to do what it takes when you don't feel like it. Just consider me your calling coach and I will help you unlock the treasures in you and give you revelation on your calling that will bring the light to make difficult tasks and seasons easy.




"Position Yourself To Win"