Blessings In Diguise

awareness Jan 17, 2021

Today I want to talk to you the blessing in disguise

Today’s episode the blessing in disguise is brought to you by Napoleon Hill.

In the book outwitting the Devil Napoleon has an encounter during the most difficult time in his life with what he called his other self. He found out that the great depression of 1929 was more of a blessing than a curse.

Napolean Hill's perspective was every problem has a legitimate solution. This mindset brought him to this conclusion during a time like now when people everywhere were out of work. Napolean said, "there is something infinitely worse ,than being forced to work, it is, being forced not to work. He wrote, the depression was more of a blessing than a curse in light of the changes it brought.

So how are you perceiving our current pandemic?


Position yourself to win.