health mind set ready Oct 24, 2018

During Hollywood Arise I was asked to do an impromptu interview for a Chinese TV station. They wanted my thoughts on the event as a speaker. Thank God I’m in front of a camera 🎥 daily.

Here is the take away...

Make Your Breakthrough Intentional

When it comes to your breakthrough sometimes you can’t plan it like someone going into a boxing match or even a movie roll. Usually what happens to get the movie roll was the unexpected meeting or run in with that key person or circumstance that will make all the difference.

So you have to have songs ready, material ready, presentations ready, be dressed for the success you want. Don’t get caught looking like a reject in a public place and you meet the boss of a company you desire to work at LoL. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

So how do you stay ready?

I’m glad you asked. There are actually 4 things I focus on every day to make sure I’m ready. As a coach the analogy Holy Spirit gave me was life is like a game. If you want more info about how my life totally changed when I started to see Heaven from the perspective of the cloud of witnesses, join us inside of the Remnant Nation Facebook group.

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The best way to learn something is to submerge yourself in the culture. At Arise22 we have a winning culture you will love. If you’re wondering why you haven’t found great success yet, you’ve come to the right place. You may not have found great success because to find you have to know how to look.

Looking Is A Skill

We are told to seek first the Kingdom and everything else will be added unto you. The challenge as I said above is that looking is a skill. If you want a good sports team you have to know how to find the right players which involves looking. If you want a successful business you have to know how and where to find the right people which takes knowing how to look. If you want to sell online you have to know how to find the right products to sell which requires looking. If you want to cook the best meals you have to know how to look for the best ingredients and this applies to almost everything. I was astonished to find the key activity behind making millions and millions online selling anything is doing research. Your ability to know how to look for what customers are looking for will make or break your business. Most people fail because they don’t know how to look where to look or even what to look for.

The reason many have been seeking for years and not finding the Kingdom is because their posture or mind set has been wrong. Fortunately a skill can be learned and at I can help you learn the skill set of looking. Let me give you one example of the right mind set and posture when looking or seeking for the Kingdom and why most people get saved but never enter into the Kingdom. It’s all about learning how to play with God. He said unless you come to him like a child you will not enter into the Kingdom.

Mark 10:15 Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

You see my friend in a healthy environment children do one thing really well and they do it all day long and that’s play. They learn while they play and they have fun experiencing the joy of the Lord.

Stay Ready By Knowing The Play

So what I do is focus on how to play. I made an acronym out of the word play that helps me in the system Holy Spirit downloaded to me. Here is the P and the L of the system WE P.L.A.Y.


My psyche has to do with my attitude and my perception. The p in play is all about mindset. Always being ready revolves around mindset. What are you focusing on and aware of? When you live in the high time (Romans 13:11) which is in the now realm. You walk circumspectly (Ephesians 5:16) giving yourself a panoramic view of heaven. I focus my attitude on thankfulness and joy so that I can enjoy life. I’m aware of my POP’s (place of peace) and if I’m in Him or not. Spending time with God in the morning helps set the thermostat to the climate of heaven I want to maintain throughout my day so that when I run into atmospheres that aren’t the climate of heaven I either let my peace come upon them or I brush the dust off my feet and keep it moving. When you operate from this realm you are fully awake, you die to self-Christ appears and you appear with Him in glory (Colossians 3:2-4). We you walk in this level of awareness you are in the glory realm and in the glory realm you’re always ready.

Live On a Higher Level

I’ve seen people burn up and burn out way to many times in my life. I’ve seen em come and go like fireworks on the fouth of July. They make a lot of noise and make people go oooo and ahhhh but disappear just as fast as they exploded. My friend that is not God’s best. He wants you to live with longevity and leave a legacy so let’s look at the second letter in the WE PLAY system.


Level has to do with alignment and how you position yourself. My tagline is position yourself to win so you will hear me say it often. If you are going to set yourself up for success in the Kingdom you have to know how to position yourself. For instance, to be the greatest, you serve and to go up, you bow down ect. I have a free e-course on how to position yourself to get what you want when you ask. The bible says we don’t receive because we ask amiss or in other words we ask from the wrong position. Go to and get it. It’s Free!

Ok so back to being level. The key to being ready is being balanced. When you play sports you have to be balanced. Let’s take football for an example and say you are on the line as an offensive linemen. If you are not balanced properly you will not be ready when the Quarterback says hike and you will get run over by the defensive linemen and the play will be stopped dead in its tracks. Unfortunately the plays we try to run every day are sacked behind the line of scrimmage because we are out of balance because the scales of our lives are not level. Remember a false balance is an abomination unto God (Proverb 11:1).

Energy Keeps You Ready

To live a level life you have to get proper rest, you have to take on the right amount of work which is a skill all in itself and is one of the main reason so many people are overwhelmed. If that’s you, fear not; I am here to help you bring the valleys up and the mountains low to level the playing field so you can excel quickly.

One of the last things I will cover to live a level or balanced life so you’re more likely ready to respond is to supply your body with the right nutrients. Many people physically cannot even keep up to where they are spiritually. Nothing is more frustrating than having great ideas but not have the energy to execute them. If you’re like me on the go all the time you may not be getting the proper nutrients your body needs to operate at the level you need to. I struggled with this for years and tried countless products and finally found one that gets me. Where most companies only focus on two areas of health they cover all 8 to give you 360 Degree health. If you want more info on the products go to People ask me all the time how do I have so much energy to do all things I do. I can say spending time with God and taking care of my body.

If you want more info on the a and the y of the WE PLAY system go to the Kingdom Coaching tab on the arise22 website. Otherwise, join us inside of the Remnant Nation community on Face Book and join the conversation. Last  

Position Yourself To Win.