How To Live In Authenticity

Find Your Authentic Being

Do you struggle to live an authentic life on a regular basis? How often do you walk around knowing the Lion of the tribe of Judah could show up more in your life consistently but can’t seem to find it? Listen most of us would love to say no, but in reality, a huge percentage of people go in and out of living a life far from authentic under the disguise of one of the three V’s of dysfunction.

Ok Ok if we are anything a like you’re shaking your head like pssss I’m crushing it over here. Now don’t move too much and nobody will know I’m talking to you right now.  My friend you can let the guard down because I’ve been there way to many times and it’s only through awareness and willingness to change do we truly live in Authenticity.

So as a gauge as an Authentic person what would you truly do if you did not care what people thought about you? Would you tell everyone you meet about your product or service? Would you promote the stew out of your company? How about matter where the Kingdom is concerned? How much more would you step out to pray for someone, give a word of knowledge or just tell more people about Christ? Well if everyone who would say they got it going on was to really be walking in Authenticity the churches would be a lot fuller and the world we live in today would not be in such chaos. So let’s just say we got some work to do shall we?

In the Remnant Nation Community I help people get to the root issues of why we show up counterfeit in the first place, give them tools to win and submerge them in the language and psyche of authenticity.

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Your Value Is Worth More Than Life

What I want to do now is give you a few things that will help you get started on the quickest way to freedom I can. You first have to understand that you are valuable and more than that your value was bought with a price. Christ purchased you with the ultimate payment. He gave his life so you can show up in the true value you were purchased every day. Counterfeit people base their worth on their performance or ability to perform and draw their value based on the comparison with others. We see our value like a new car that loses its value immediately when it leaves the lot. We think that every dent from failures we accumulate throughout life brings our value down. Some think the older I am and the more miles I’ve traveled down the road of life the less valuable I am and that’s just a lie. Women may feel if I don’t get a makeover I will be sold for scraps and guys are always competing to see who has the most horse power in the form of money and toys.

My friend that may be the truth for an automobile the unique scenario for you is that God joined his value with your value so your value never diminishes. Oh yea, you’re like a classic that gets more valuable as time goes on. When you understand your value and that the precious blood of Christ was used to pay for you and all your flaws just the way you are you can be free to live in Authenticity.  

Authenticity allows you to be powerful. Being counterfeit causes you to operate in a fear based reality.

Authenticity usually shows up inside the context of relationships because we were created for community. In every relationship there are three dysfunctional behaviors that make powerful people weak and counterfeit. Out of these tree behaviors, the victim is the centerpiece the other two revolve around. The victor needs to save someone to feel authentic and the villain will lash out at the victim whenever they see the victim becoming too authentic and powerful. I talk about these DB’s (Dysfunctional Behaviors) more in the Remnant Nation or Arise22 membership portal.

Communicate What You Need

The line in the sand so to speak that separates the authentic person from the counterfeit most of the time is in communicating. If we really dig into that line in the sand we will see the line goes much deeper than it looks on the surface to a vulnerable place called communicating what you need.

Counterfeit people communicate needs out of fear of truth and they do this one of three ways. Passive communication, aggressive communication or passive-aggressive communication.

Core beliefs of the three communication styles.

  1. Passive-You matter I don’t
  2. Aggressive- I matter and you don’t
  3. Passive Aggressive-You matter no, not really

Authentic people communicate from a place of maturity. They understand that as a powerful person it’s my responsibility to communicate what I need.

This is done by one of three ways.

  1. telling someone you have a need
  2. asking someone can they help you with a need
  3. telling someone you have a need and asking them to help you.

Change Your Beliefs

Most people believe that the other person should just know that they have a need. I’ve heard in counseling over and over again that the other person should be aware of my needs. They should know me by now. I shouldn’t have to say anything if they were in touch with me and my feeling. Oh boy! Counterfeit, Counterfeit, Counterfeit. Let me help real quick with this last nugget. I’m going to submit to you a healthy authentic powerful perspective from our God who knows everything. He said even though I know the need before you ask or say anything you still have to ask. As a matter of fact you will have not because you ask not the scriptures say in James. Ooooweee. Let us all selah on that one when it comes to what we think others should know about us and act on. So my friend the take away from this blog is the mature way to communicate in a relationship is express what you need. This is the first step to living in authenticity.

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