All good coaching relationships start by an understanding up front what is to be expected from the relationship. As a coach it is important to me that you understand the uniqueness of the coaching model and the parameters of the coaching relationship. Coaching is a co-active partnership. Staying within the respective roles both coach and client bring to the table, the more success you will have as a client. Each coaching agreement is tailored to the specific client regarding frequency and day and time of sessions, and subsequent cost


 Client Profile:This form is to be filled out prior to the initial intake session. The information collected from the questions asked provide me with a good snapshot of you, the client, and possible focus areas for your coaching journey.


Session Prep Form:This form is to be filled out prior to each coaching session. It is a means of providing some built-in accountability into the coaching process as well as providing some great information for jump starting each coaching session.



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For as little as $2.22 a month, you can be part of The Remnant Nation and get the inspiration, information and impartation you need for your success.


Get a coach. A coach will help you find the answers you're looking for so you can position yourself to win. 

"In a few short sessions jo'EL has completely shifted the trajectory of my life. He's provoked me to think in a completely different way and coached me through some very difficult situations. He has helped me to get back to dreaming."


"jo’EL is coaching me to set up my ministry and business. He spends quality time instructing and coaching and provides keen insight and strategies to help make my project successful. He gives me manageable tasks to perform and it has been an enjoyable process interacting with him. I highly recommend jo’EL for your coaching needs. "

Christina Stimson